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FK-R stands for Faisal Khan Racing, Fully Kitted Rider, For the Knights on Road or just Fakr (pride). Hard to not mention my love for the world of GT-R vehicles.

Ripping the headwinds, braving the storm,

On rolling bends, holding fort, steady and warm,

Cruising the tar vapour, raging the chill,

Dusty with elements, at ease with the thrill,

First hues of orange, into the glory of the full moon,

An aura of freedom, this experience won’t end soon,

Call it protection, call it gear, or call it pride,

FK-R - A new skin for my tribe.

The Journey So Far

Decades of thoroughbred expertise & a year of R&D went into our product line. The Signature Collection is an output of our team’s personal experience put together. The last few months involved us meeting our industry colleagues, visiting numerous production units, meeting leading global manufacturing partners and personally testing the materials. And importantly marrying Indian riding conditions with standards from the global riding arena, to make it a one of a kind offering in India.

It all began with the idea of crafting the most ideal gear for myself and leaving no stone unturned to put the best and a globally approved product in place - from protection to comfort and from the look to the durability. Proud to present it to you under a new brand as my Signature Collection.

- Faisal Khan | Founder, FK-R & MotorBeam

All The Gear All The Time

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